How to Make Moon Water


What is moon water?
Water that has been exposed to the moon’s energy. It is a popular way to charge the water and use it for rituals, spellcrafting, and any other uses where you may need water.


Jar in moonlight

  1. Fill a container with purified or spring water. I prefer to use a jar with a lid to prevent particles and insects from getting in, especially if you plan to ingest the moon water.
  2. Place the jar under the new moon for the entire night. Find a place where the moon is not obstructed and your jar can fully absorb the moon’s energy.
  3. Place your hands around your jar or container and send your positive vibrations and intentions through your hands and into the water.
  4. Your moon water is ready for use the next day.

You may use the moon water in the following ways:

  • Moon Bath Cleanse – Fill the tub with warm water and pour 1-2 cups of moon water. Add some epsom salt (according to the manufacturer’s instructions) and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Soak for 15-20 minutes.
  • Energizing Morning Splash – Pour some moon water from your jar into another container (enough moon water for what you will use on your face in the morning). Return the jar to the fridge if you want to keep your moon water cold. Splash your face with moon water from your container in the morning to wake up and feel energized.
  • Ritual/Spellwork for Purity and High Vibrations – Drink some moon water before performing a ritual or spellwork to feel refreshed, purified with high vibrations, and ready to work.